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If you are an established stylist but you have individual objectives that you wish to attain outside of your standard training, contact Tina for a personalised 1-ON-1 programme. Tina will work with you to design a bespoke learning experience for as many days as you require.

A 1-ON-1 tuition environment provides a higher level of instruction. Students benefit from immediate constructive feedback after every model and are encouraged to document their work by taking before and after photographs, notes and diagrams.

Please be advised that all hands-on and demonstration work is undertaken by the student and preferably should be conducted on live models and not on doll heads or wig blocks. Tina will take you step-by-step through each stage, advising on your hand & body positioning, your angle of cut, and will explain the theory behind her advice.

For any number of days, Tina will work with you to design a learning experience tailored to your requirements that will expand your skills and increase your earning potential.


You will be required to have your own personal equipment at hand. See below for a comprehensive list of requirements:

  •  Scissors
  •  Clippers
  •  Combs
  •  Brushes
  •  Kit Bag
  •  Neck Brush
  •  Section Clips
  •  Hairdryer
  •  Gowns
  •  Models
  •  Water Spray

Note: We will make every effort to ensure that we can supply products if you do not have them available, but cannot guarantee availability.

Tina Mackinder Scissors


The content of One-to-One training will be tailored to your specific needs and wishes and will be discussed in depth before the day.

Tina Mackinder Hair


‘Sassoon training is globally recognised as the ultimate in hairdressing education, providing a passport to a successful career in the international world of hair. For over 65 years, the reputation of Sassoon Academy has been built on developing and providing world-class education in their hair academies and education centres around the globe.’

With 10 years experience as a former Sassoon instructor, Tina Mackinder offers a comprehensive portfolio of hairdressing courses designed to meet a variety of learning requirements in both cut and colour. Learn from a former Sassoon alumni, instructor and extended Sassoon family member, how to build your own successful career in the hairdressing industry.   

You will gain real commercial skills from Tina’s hairdressing courses and take away with you a piece of the culture that created Sassoon.


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Tina Mackinder Hair

In-Salon Training

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Tina Mackinder Hair


Hairdressing seminars, a series of dynamic and immersive workshops designed to unleash your creativity and elevate your styling prowess.

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