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Tina Mackinder Hair




Are you looking to launch a new product line or gain exposure for your brand? Whether an exhibition, tour or if running a show to a large audience, Tina Mackinder is available as an expert stylist to help elevate your brand.

Running mostly over two days, seminars consist of a demonstration by Tina followed by a workshop, where you will implement the skills taught whilst receiving expert personal guidance from Tina in real time.

From one-to-one training in salon to Masterclass sessions, Tina offers a range of courses tailored specifically to your needs. Through a discovery session Tina will look in depth into where you need to focus your training, and suggest a solution that best fits your goals. Master your technique, and elevate your artistry under Tina's expert guidance.

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'Knowledge removes fear'

With a continual acquisition of knowledge, and confidence in your technical expertise, you will gain freedom…freedom to create, to experiment, to push the boundaries and to become your best self.

“A truly exceptional hairdresser never settles for mediocrity. They understand that greatness is not a one-time achievement, but rather a continuous journey of growth and improvement. To maintain their level of excellence, they resist complacency and remain tirelessly committed to honing their craft. By pushing themselves to new heights, they cultivate a sense of consistency that sets them apart from the rest. This consistency is not born of complacency, but rather a dedication to progress and a refusal to settle for anything less than their best. In short, being consistently good requires a constant pursuit of greatness.”

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